Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surprise! Your Insurance Rate is Going Up!

Some people are cynical and says, "Of course insurance rates are going up, they ALWAYS do!" Others respond, "What?! Again?! But they did that last year!" While it is possible for any company to raise their rates, there are 3 things American Family does to keep your rates low; Insuring for Replacement Cost and not Market Value on Homeowner's Insurance, Property Inspections on All Homes, and Annual Insurance Reviews!

Market Value vs. Replacement Cost
We see many of our competitors underinsuring homes. We understand that the market value (for selling or refinancing purposes) is lower than it was several years ago, but the fact of the matter is that rebuild cost are presently up. By not properly valueing you home you are saving dollars or even just cents to have increased cost to yourself when it does come time to file a claim!

Property Inspections
You probably have a newly placed roof, while your neighboor has not replaced theirs in 20+ years and it is looking bad. Your neighbor called in a claim to his current insurance company and they denied it saying, "This is not hail damage... your roof is just old." So your neighbor switches to a new company (your company) then it rains and he files a claim with the new comapny. They subsequently replace the roof and this in turn increases your rate! American Family tries to prevent this by having me inspect every property before we insure it, saving you $ in the long run!

Annual Insurance Reviews
Remember that basement you finished, remember that jet ski you bought, oh and the new ring you got for your anniversary. All these things add up and people often forget to insure them until it is too late. Our goal is to collect the correct the right premium year after year not little by little and then ALL at once.

Don't believe your rate are going up? See what the AJC published... http://bit.ly/o2nYzg

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