Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not Something to Crack-up About!

With our ever increasing dependency on cell phones... smartphones to be precise... people are looking to replace them when broken at the cheapest cost, and quick! Some people have even made claims on their homeowner's insurance as they believe there to be coverage under the 'Computers and Electronics' Endorsement.

American Family does not recognize this type of loss as covered. However, while some of our competitors will pay the claim and buy you a new phone, it may not be the smartest idea. Claims will stay on your Property Claims Loss Report for up to 5 years which means that you will most likely have a surcharge once your policy renews. What would be a better option is to purchase the insurance offered by your cell phone provider or just save up for that unfortunate day when, instead of butt dialing your Nana you crack the face of your iPhone sitting down on that not so soft chair at IKEA!

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