Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess Peach & Grandma's Earrings

In the own going saga of Mario the Mortgage Man, let me introduce, Princess Peach! She lives in Cobb County and although she calls it her castle, to you and me it’s just a two story colonial. She’s 34 years old and stays at home mom with three kids all under the age of eight. Her grandmother passed away recently and left her, as you can see, some of the family jewelry. She’ll wants to meet me because when she got the jewelry she didn’t tell her current insurance agent which means it’s probably not insured and she would be petrified if she could replace her now favorite earrings. If you see or know her... make sure she connects with us on facebook by sending her this link,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mario the Mortgage Man!

I’d like to introduce you to Mario the Mortgage Man! [Picture] He runs around in a two dimensional world. His first dimension is find prospects and second dimension is close loans. As you can see he is very frustrated! He runs around banging his head on things for small amounts of change only to turn around and do it again the next day! The insurance agents he works with still fax him dec pages and they don’t include the phrases his underwrites wants to see which results in an additional calls to fix it. Just like the video game, Mario the Mortgage Man needs a dynamic partner! There are two reasons Mario wants me on his team… The first is that I can email him the documents he needs while on the phone and I send the policies his underwriter’s want to see. Tommy Schlosser, I'm Mario's Luigi and save him time!