Friday, July 22, 2011

Rental Cars & Insurance - Part 2

Unlike some other States, if you drive a vehicle with no comprehensive or collision coverage in GA the Insured's Insurance company (the guy that hit you's company) is NOT obligated to pay for the additional insurance on the rental car. Now some companies out of courtesy or because of practices in their other states may offer it, but they are not required to do so. Now because your car has already been in an altercation it would be unethical to add coverage to your vehicle till it is out of the shop... so what are you left to do in this situation? Buy the Insurance! The coverage in this case that you should be most concerned with is called Collision Damage Waiver or simply Damage Waiver. This covers the physical damage to the rental car.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Backpacks for Kids 2011

In the economy, many will struggle to buy school supplies for their kids. Let's make sure every kid in Atlanta has what they need this August.

Please Donate:
One backpack filled with five things: Notebook paper, 3 ring binder (1/2"), pencils, pencil carrier, & pencil sharpener.

If you are not able to donate all of those things, bring what you can and we will make it up. All backpacks will go to Cobb and Fulton county schools.

For Directions

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who's Paying for This?! - Rental Cars & Insurance

Post 1 of 3

Most everyone has been sitting in that line at the airport waiting to pick up a rental car and wondered... "Should I get the Insurance?" A similar situation that happens less frequently... you've been in an not-at-fault accident (meaning someone hit you and they are to blame) and you are at the rental car counter after leaving the body shop.

As you suspected, the rental car rep asks for your credit card informing you that while the insurance company is picking up the bill you need to leave a deposit. The rep then asks you if you want their insurance (or protection or whatever it is that company calls it). The decision then may not be as easy. You may be thinking, "Shouldn't the other person's insurance company pay for that too?" What about if you do not carry comprehensive or collision coverage on the vehicle that was wrecked?

Previously employed by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, now an Agent for American Family,and having been in a wreck myself; I'll explain so of the ins and outs of getting their insurance. Some of the answers might surprise you. Bottom line, it is a good opportunity to contact your agent or follow-up with two more posts that I will make on this topic within a week.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Frequent The 400?

Do you frequent the Toll Booth on GA 400? If you plan to do so tomorrow, Saturday (07/16/11) between the hours of 10AM and Noon your toll will be paid, THANKS to American Family Insurance! One way we are helping share the dream...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost?

A buddy of mine called for a quote on auto insurance. He recently had a moving violation. As I was going through different coverage options with him when he said, "Does that price include my ticket?" It actually did not. In all the changes I had momentarily erased it, so at some point the figures I was quoting him did not reflect that. Adding the ticket back, the price went up $5 a month. To some people that may not seem like a lot, but a ticket is chargeable for three years, so calculated over time that is $180 or enough to buy a Suede Crocodile-Embossed Case for your iPad from Neiman Marcus. What iPad you say? The one you bought with the savings from having homeowner's insurance with us!

The numbers I quoted my friend were based of several factors which might be different for you. He was just covering liability on his policy so $5 would be low if you were considering comprehensive and/or collision. It would also change if you had a newer or bigger car. Bottom line: tickets increase the cost of your insurance, sometimes more than you realize.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Value of An Agent

Our Agency had a recent claims experience where the customer's vehicle went to a manufacturer's shop due to a flood claim with subsequent electrical issues. In a survey after the claim was resolved here is what the client had to say when asked the question 'Suggestions on how we can improve?'

"Took three and a half weeks to get my car back and the repairs were completed in a week and a half or two weeks. So a week and a half of the adjuster and the car company playing phone tag seems a little excessive to me. My agent is wonderful. As soon as I got him involved it was resolved immediately. All in all I'm happy with AMFAM. Like I said it was excessive, the amount of time that it took to get my car repaired and it was not because it wasn't repaired. It was because it wasn't paid."

This is one of the things you get when you hire me as your agent!