Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Much Does a Speeding Ticket Cost?

A buddy of mine called for a quote on auto insurance. He recently had a moving violation. As I was going through different coverage options with him when he said, "Does that price include my ticket?" It actually did not. In all the changes I had momentarily erased it, so at some point the figures I was quoting him did not reflect that. Adding the ticket back, the price went up $5 a month. To some people that may not seem like a lot, but a ticket is chargeable for three years, so calculated over time that is $180 or enough to buy a Suede Crocodile-Embossed Case for your iPad from Neiman Marcus. What iPad you say? The one you bought with the savings from having homeowner's insurance with us!

The numbers I quoted my friend were based of several factors which might be different for you. He was just covering liability on his policy so $5 would be low if you were considering comprehensive and/or collision. It would also change if you had a newer or bigger car. Bottom line: tickets increase the cost of your insurance, sometimes more than you realize.

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