Monday, November 21, 2011

More On Jeff

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In our previous post, 'Are Property Taxes to Blame' we spoke about Jeff, a young professional in his 30's and we would like to share 4 quick reasons why Jeff wants to do business with us...

1. Ease & Convenience: In addition to being easy to contact (aka: I'm always on my Droid) we do things right the first time so Jeff doesn't have to call us back multiple times to get it right.
2. AmEx: He can be excited about our new payment option of being able to accept American Express!
3. We Understand: I'm a young professional like he is, not some guy in a call-center or some old guy who has been doing this for 30+ years.
4. We Promise to Call: Whether your premium is going up or down at renewal we make the commitment to call so nothing catches you by surprise.

If you know Jeff, let him know we are looking for him!

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