Monday, December 13, 2010

The 12 Tips of Christmas

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas here are 12 tips to keep in mind during this Holiday Season. They are not in a particular order and not necessarily related to your insurance, but in the spirit of giving we hope that they help.

1. Save Some Holiday Cheer – It seems that most of us have a Facebook, Twitter, or Blog account and are excited to share our Holiday Travels and Adventures, but please save it till you get back from Greece or Grandma's House to post pictures and status updates saying you're away from your house.

2. Start the New Year's Resolution, Early – Brittany (My Wife) & I started our New Year's resolution last year the week before Christmas and already had great momentum going into the New Year. Chances are if it's a good idea to start in two weeks, it's a good idea now.

3. Share the Love – In your own special way, do something for somebody else. Try to make it be something that you don't normally do.

4. Begin a New Tradition – Do something fun that you have not done before. Two years ago our family started a tradition to have a home-cooked seven course meal on Christmas Eve, now several of our siblings have joined in and each year it has gotten better. Click Here for the Pics from Last Year!

5. Keep Your Holiday Spending On Track – It's Christmas, not Halloween, don't scare yourself with big holiday bills in January. We recommend Mint to track your personal spending.

6. Share Your Recipes – Don't just give someone Cookies or Bread, share with them that great recipe, so it can be a gift that keeps giving!

7. Travel Like a Wise Man – Watch the Weather, Don't Drive Tired, and Be Safe.

8. Get Ready for Next Year – The best deals on Christmas Decorations and Other Holiday Gifts is often just after the 25th. Save a few extra dollars and put them towards next year!

9. Have a Daily Devotional – Find a Holiday book or look up ideas online and have a special moment each day!

10. Relax – Remember the Reason for the Season! Slow down, Spend Time with Family. It might also help you with some other things on this list.

11. Be Grateful – We're not just talking about the advice we just gave you! Good humor and a positive attitude go along way and there's science to back it up.

12. Schedule a Personal Insurance Review and Have a Merry Christmas & a Protected New Year!

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